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Inspired by the artisans of Murano
The beautiful island of Murano is located off the nothern coast of Italy, adjacent to Venice.  Although the art of hand blown glass originated in Venice, during the late 13th century, the Venetian Republic ordered all of the glass artisans to relocate to the island of Murano.  This was done to protect the wooden structures in Venice as glass blowing posed a fire hazard.  Soon thereafter, Murano became known for their glassworks.  Such craftsmanship includes 'Murano Aventurine Glass' which has threads of gold within the glass and 'Murano Mileiori Glass' which is multicolored.  They are also known for developing and/or refining the techniques used to craft crystalline glass, enameled glass, milk glass and faux gemstones made of glass.  We have come to associate all of these beautiful glass classifications as 'Murano Glass'.

We are excited to introduce our newest line of favors inspired by the artisans of Murano, Italy.   The intricate way the hand blown glass colors intertwine within the glass transforms what is usually a common favor into a veritable original work of art. No two are identical and color variations are just what makes these Murano Style Wedding Favors so unique. Please note that these 'replicas' do not come from Murano, Italy.., yet each piece of glass is hand blown using many of the same methods of the original Murano artisans.

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Murano Glass Trivia:
In 1996, The Barovier family was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records for being the oldest glass making family in the world.

Types of Murano Glass:
Avventuria: Clear glass with metal flecks, often copper, to create a shimmery, metallic look. The process is aptly named, as it means "adventure" describing the difficulty of working with this process.

Cristallo A clear, highly malleable, colorless glass that can be blown into vessels with remarkably thin walls.

 Murano Glass Deco Collection
These hand blown glass favors allow you enjoy the beauty of Murano Glass, but at a fraction of the price.  Each piece is hand crafted, giving each it's own unique beauty. Choose from over 150 different Murano Style Favors.

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Arte Murano Bottle Stopper - Wise Owl Favors, Murano  Glass Bottle Stopper Favors
Murano Bottle Opener Favors, Murano Glass Favors, Murano Corkscrew Favors
Murano Glass Favors, Murano Letter Opener Favors

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Murano Glass Favors, Murano Ice Cream Scoop Favors

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